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Sorry for the inactivity, brainstorming artwork for college! Have to be fussy ... ... ...
Worship and Adorn by AugustSilk
Worship and Adorn
Definitely proud of this! Inspired  by NatetheKnife's 'Reliance' oil painting (huge fan). Acrylic on A2 paper
Loki X OC: 'Loki Plays'

Chapter Three: Plan in Motion.

Two days later at around midnight, Loki strutted out of the large party amidst screaming party guests and pedestrians, in full Asgardian armour, shimmering in the street lights, the light of the scepter bouncing off of it. He waited a split second, then heard Barton running swiftly towards him from behind, carrying a huge carrier bag across his back. Loki pivoted on his foot and looked at Barton carefully.

''Did you take what I requested?'' Loki asked him, barely able to hear himself over the screams.
Barton unzipped the bag, and  took out the book first, then the oil lamp. Loki's eyes gleamed against it, his mischievous grin wide.
''Go now, before we have company'' he instructed, waving his hand to dismiss him like a common servant. Barton turned tail and ran in the opposite direction towards a safe car, just as Loki turned again and ordered the people to kneel.

Several hours later, and Loki was standing in his own 'glass case'. No matter, he thought to himself. That monster will rip this airship apart and I shall be free again, to return to the portal and awaken the Djinn.  Barton had better have secured a translator for that book, else we are thwarted. None of the men I recruited can read those pages. Loki had to marvel at the creations of the Midgardians: to be able to make something like this that he knew he could not escape from, on a flying metal ship. They did not have anything as advanced back when he was worshipped as the God of Mischief. He sat down on his wall-bed, and thought of his escape. My idiot brother will most likely be splitting his time between finding the Tesseract and chasing that woman. Fool. What is ONE woman? He could've had thousands if he had joined me. And what are human women to us anyway? They are barely able to bear us strong children. Most have died in the attempt. In ancient times when Asgardians lay with mortals, the human women all died in the attempt of birthing, their babes following. Hence it was decided that the gods would depart and leave Nature as intended. But a king is leader, a ruler of Nature itself!

Then he began to wonder: what do the Djinn even look like? That human said they were fire and smoke demons, quite possibly huge and spitting fire and smoke. Wonder if I would even be able to communicate with it properly. My mind control power may break through language barriers, he thought. Either way, if it lives, it can be controlled. His satisfied grin unnerved Natasha as she watched from the camera.

''I never know what this guy's thinking. He keeps grinning to himself'' she said to Captain Rogers, eyes fixed on the screen.
'' I don't like the idea that he has some other trick up his sleeve'' the Captain replied, twiddling his fingers together.
Loki X OC: 'Loki Plays'

Chapter Two: Human Things.

He walked through an arch and did not read the sign upon it saying 'Eastern Treasures'. He noticed the dramatic change in design and atmosphere in this large room. Carpets and tapestries were hung in glass cases on the walls, and pottery and metallic bowls, swords, bows and arrows, daggers, baths were stacked against the remaining wall. Everything was covered in glass and unable to be touched. Loki then heard something like a whisper. There was no one else in the room with him, that he knew. But he could have sworn he had heard something. He got to the end of the room, against a case that had a larger sign above it, and a small plaque listing information.

'Oil lamp, silver and black iron design, circa 1,000 BC. The book to the right accompanies it, page is turned daily'

Loki looked at the lamp curiously. It was in place within the collection of artefacts but also not in place. Everything else was aged, even slightly cracked or rusted. And their designs were similar to each other, but not this thing. It was made of black iron, almost completely spherical with a matching handle, but the silver carvings and attachments on it looked too intricate and too carefully placed to be made by hand. However they had found it, it had been completely preserved as Loki could not see one single flaw in it. It was as if it had been set on that platformed display case by the maker not yesterday. Loki sense a strangeness about it, then let his eyes drop to the plaque underneath the title.

'Found in southern Damascus, Syria. Unusual design and craft work. Discovered in a cave alongside other artefacts.' He then turned to the book. It was impossible to tell which was older, but the book definitely showed age. The pages looked like they would collapse if anyone turned it. They were covered in beautiful designs of maroon and blood coloured ink, in a language that Loki did not understand.

That does not explain much about it, he thought to himself. Then he noticed a group of American tourists entering the room and got an idea. He walked over to the guide and asked.
'Could you tell me more about the Syrian oil lamp in that far case? Why is it so different from every other piece?''

The guide, who was a skinny, nervous looking man looked him up and down before answering.
''It was found in an isolated cave in Damascus, with dozens of other artefacts as well as that book beside it. But the other discoveries were nothing like it, less complicated and of less value. When the archaeologist team removed everything from the site, the locals were very sceptical,even scared. One elderly man even pushed his way through and said, after we got a translator, that it should never have been removed from its place, or we would anger the Djinn, who made it'
''And what is the Djinn?' Loki asked, looking almost dismissive. Not knowing everything about humans frustrated him.
'The Djinn is an ancient mythological Arabian race of what people call 'genies' nowadays. They live in sacred places, and have amazing powers, so it is believed. They can change into the forms of ifrits or fire demons, will O wisps or smoke dervishes, and control the elements themselves. They are said to be extremely mischievous and cruel to humans. The elderly man said we would bring havoc to the lands if the Djinn were set free and allowed to roam the earth again. But it's just an old story they were raised with. It isn't real'' the man said, waving it away.
''And the book? What does the previous page, the current page AND the next page say on it?''
''The previous page describes the Djinn as I just have. The current page was a long paragraph from the author about how to leave offerings for  them, and how they reacted to humans, and the next page is a ritual the author supposedly swears will work'' and he walked away back to his group, and continued on the tour.

Loki's eyes darted around in thought. He would've dismissed it as a silly human tale, if he hadn't previously heard that whisper. He walked quickly back to the case, and then entered his own mind to contact Barton.
He felt Barton's consciousness brush him.
''When we retrieve the Iridium, we need to then come back for this oil lamp in the museum, and read an accompanying book. I wish to test something''
Barton's affirmative,then he released the consciousness from his own. He knew Barton would now feel a migraine from his presence, but he did not care too much for that.


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Artist | Student | Traditional Art
Hello there :) My name is Cat, and I'm an artist/illustrator constantly seeking to improve and explore my own imagination's ideas. I would like to improve to a quality of skill worthy of commissions and sales of my artwork. Feel free to browse my work!
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  • Listening to: Chris Rea- On the Beach remix
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Well, one year of Fine Art is behind me, with successfully passed exams with reasonable grades :) Funny thing about fine art is: there IS no right way to do it, only criteria to meet with a personal flare added in.

Now comes the massive illustration binge (mwahahahaha!) before I'm thrown back in the saddle of fine art. Having said that, I did learn some wonderful techniques with oil paint, acrylic washes, and papers. But am now lacking in a studio space that I'm allowed to get messy. Work with what you got, they say. I have new projects I want to put time into before September, so that's gonna be good!!

Entering July now (June was crazy for beach and camping) and am so looking forward to the time and freedom!

Hope everyone has a fantastic summer!!

C x

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